If you are on holiday and you are looking to explore love and romance look no further: below is a list of hotels with amazing features. There is something for everyone!

Villas Mercedes

It has a wide range of facilities and is known for simplicity, originality and style.

Villas Miramar

It’s quiet, centrally located to nearly all beaches, close to the shopping center, has a beautiful garden, with a breath-taking view of the bay. A great place for your first holiday after retirement. You can find the best retirement gifts here.

Hotel Solimar

It is known for its spacious clean comfortable rooms. It has a 24-hour well-conditioned swimming pool, is centrally located, affordable, family owned five star hotel.

Hotel Zihua Caracol

If you are looking for an exciting traditional hotel this is the place for you. With an onsite restaurant and a Mexican menu style the food here is absolutely delicious. It is safe, strategically located and reasonably priced.

Bungalows La Madera

Bungalows La Madera has an amazing view of the city and the from the hilltop units with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, pool table, full kitchens, cable TV all uniquely blended to bring out the Mexican charm. This is the Centre of romance.

Aura del Mar Hotel

This is not just a hotel; it is a destination. It has a Jacuzzi on the balcony, a large bathroom with double sinks, wooden doors, fun water slides and even a beach walk!

Casa Sun and Moon

Elegance, beauty and glamour all in one place; located near La Ropa beach the hotel has an outdoor pool, two resturants, free WiFi, plasma Tv with cable channels, a garden and so much more!

La Casa Que Canta

La Casa Que Canta is an adult only hotel specially designed for purposes of exploring love and intimacy. It has spacious terraces, an infinity pool and blends intimately with the oceanfront. The sea view here is exquisite. With a touch of Mexican décor and the panoramic view this is just the place to be!

Hotel Las Palmas

It is located on the shores of the longest beach in Zihuatanejo; the pristine Playa Blanca beach which is nine miles long. It has a fresh water infinity pool right next to the beach. Having a boutique and a bare foot luxury there and no words to describe the goodness!

Viceroy Zihuatanejo

Has amazing views of the bay, a private terrace/ balcony, an infinity pool, a garden, and no two accommodations are alike. This is a perfect spot to take your girlfriend!

Villas el Morro Ixtapa zihuatanejo

On the crest of a hill towering high above the Zihuatanejo’s bay is the Villas el Morro Ixtapa zihuatanejo. If you take a flight from Mexico city it will only take forty minutes and only twenty nine mile from the international airport. Characterized with a good view of the bay, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and a touch of privacy there is nothing more exciting!

Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa

It is not just its name that is romantic; it has a berccuda bar, pool slides, blue water grill, partial ocean view room and so much more!

Zihuatanejo hotels are nothing short of a fact fantasy!